The Power Stroke® Legend Begins

The Power Stroke® Legend Begins

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1982 – 1993

A History Of Groundbreaking Engines.

Navistar/International 6.9L IDI PowerplantThe Power Stroke® Diesel story began in 1982, when the Ford Motor Company made a decision that would transform their Super Duty® pickups into the most highly regarded and hottest-selling trucks in America. In pursuit of a whole new level of durability, power, torque and capabilities, Ford partnered with International Truck and Engine Corporation or ITEC (later re-named Navistar, Incorporated) to create a new standard in diesel engine technology that would help redefine the industry.

1992 F-250That first power plant, the 6.9L Indirect Injection (IDI) engine, featured a modest 170 HP and 315 lb-ft of torque. The truck world eagerly greeted that very first Power Stroke® diesel. Not long after, came the next generation Ford Super Duty truck with the amazing 7.3L IDI diesel engine, produced from 1988-1993.

1994 – 2003

The First Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel —
The Legendary 7.3L.

7.3L – The first to bear the Power Stroke® nameIn 1994, the 7.3L was reborn. This groundbreaking new powerplant revolutionized the diesel truck industry, with not just the addition of an all-new turbocharger, Direct Injection (DI), and incredible new power, but the birth of the Power Stroke® name.

1994 F-2507.3L features included a waste-gated turbocharger, HUEI fuel injectors and an air-to-air intercooler. The 7.3L engines were an instant hit in the trucking world. Production ran non-stop through early 2003. By that time, this engine’s performance and durability had made the Power Stroke® name a legend among truckers.

Diesel Power Magazine ranked the 7.3L one of the top ten diesel engines ever produced. Today, over two million 7.3L engine-equipped Ford Trucks are still in operation – more than Chevrolet, GMC, and Dodge diesels, combined. During its 9 year production run, the 7.3L was widely acknowledged as a leader in diesel engine technology.

2003 – 2007

A New 6.0L Power Stroke® Clears The Air

6.0L – A smaller, but mightier evolutionIn 2003, the next-generation 6.0L Power Stroke® introduced Ford Truck customers to a new engine with more power and lower emissions than the 7.3L. With its variable geometry turbocharger technology, exhaust gas recirculation system and advanced, second-generation fuel injection system, the new 6.0L was a groundbreaking engineering breakthrough.

2004 F-250The result was a major increase in horsepower and torque (325 HP and 570 lb-ft), even with a drastic reduction in engine displacement. This was the first engine design driven by emissions requirements.

2007 – 2010

Clean, Quiet And In Command — The 6.4L Arrives.

6.4L – A technological leap forwardThe Power Stroke®legend reached new heights in 2007, with the launch of a new 6.4L diesel. This engine’s cutting-edge technology and reduced emissions pumped out an amazing 350 HP @ 3000 RPM with a peak torque output of 650 lb-ft at just 2000 RPM.

2008 F-250Developed through more than 10 million miles of torturous durability testing, the 6.4L proved to be the quietest and cleanest Power Stroke®engine to date. Its twin turbochargers and high-pressure, common-rail fuel injection with piezoelectric fuel injectors also helped Ford Super Duty trucks meet the stringent 2007 diesel emissions requirements.


The New, 2011 6.7L Power Stroke® Engine Arrives.

Ford Power Stroke®diesel engine technology has come a long way over the last three decades, but the party is far from over. For the 2011 model year, Ford is introducing an all-new, built-from-scratch, state-of-the-art 6.7L Power Stroke®diesel – and it’s the most advanced diesel Ford has ever built.

2011 F-250Lighter, more powerful and more fuel efficient (as well as B20 fuel compatible), this engine, built in Ford’s Chihuahua, Mexico engine plant, takes diesel engineering to an entirely new level. New features include “Instant Start” glow plugs for quicker starts in even the coldest weather; a new, lightweight compacted graphite iron engine block (160 lbs lighter than the current 6.4L); aluminum cylinder heads (a Power Stroke®first); and piston-cooling jets for longer engine life.

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