Malladi Sriramkumar and Ravikumar: Memorable melodic appeal

Malladi Sriramkumar and Ravikumar: Memorable melodic appeal

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Malladi brothers’ swarakalpanas testified their grip over the matrix of notes

It was a pleasant evening at Shridi Sai Spiritual Centre, Sithammadhara in Visakhapatnam that witnessed renowned Malladi Brothers duo — Malladi Sriramkumar and Ravikumar — giving one of their best performances. The brothers took off on a brilliant note rendering Vandeham Jagadvallabham of Annamayya in raga Hamsadwani with chittaswaram.

It served as a firm launching pad for the rest of the concert that treated audience to a memorable experience.

Their rendition of chosen pieces was telling for its melodic construction, making its lyrical appeal richer. Be it a concise or expansive the duo’s raga essays are a robust blend of harmony and ingenuity and their swarakalpanas testified their grip over the matrix of notes. It was an imaginative rendition on any count.

After the firm beginning, they rendered Ye Panilone Janminchinadi of Thyagaraja in raga Asaveri. Manasija guruditado of Annamayya in raga Reethigoula was classy and decorated with fine swarakalpana it accelerated the tempo of the session. Gnaname varamaina ganga snaanamu of Thyagaraja in raga Dhanyasi and Avadharu Raghupate of Annamayya in raga Khamas were rendered in their distinct way. These well-rendered pieces in their musical and emotive treatment paved the way for the mainstay raga Mukhari.

The krithi for this was Dasaradha Rama Govinda of Ramadasu. The expansive raga essay for this carried the audience to musical ecstasy unfolding its musical depth and emotive potency.

Being disciples of maestro Nedunuri Krishnamurthy, their rendition carries a streak of his style for discerning audience yet the duo retain their own individual mark. The way the duo render with a fluid ease and involvement makes it impacting and this session was no exception. The romantic shades of celestial love that Annamayya envisioned and elegantly expressed in Emoko chiguru tadharamula in raga Tillang stood well captured in their rendition, the other pieces in the post tani round included Sriramula divyanama smarana in raga Saveri and Ramajogim andukonare of Ramdas in raga Khamas, Paluku Tenala Talli of Annamayya in Abheri and Srirama Sriragam of Thygaraj in Sahana.

Komanduru Venkatakrishna on violin, VV Ramanamurthy on mridangam and G Venkatesh on morsing lent good support. Nadasudha Tarangini hosted it.

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